par Peeters, Didier ;Vanhuysse, Sabine ;Wolff, Eléonore
Référence HuDem 2013(23-25 avril 2013: Sibenik), Book of Papers, The 10th International Symposium "Humanitarian Demining 2013", HCR Center for Testing, Development and Training
Publication Publié, 2013
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The Advanced General Survey (AGS) and Non-TechnicalSurvey (NTS) tools require processing sophisticated andheavy geographical data. A system for managing spatial relationaldatabases is being developed to optimise the storage,exchange and analysis of these data. The nature and generalobjectives of TIRAMISU (i.e. a toolbox for mine-action usersaround the world) leads to keep the general cost for usersas low as possible, and hence to provide a system that isas open as possible, making it compatible and upgradeable.Therefore, we have chosen to develop the tool using an efficient open-source Spatial Relational Database ManagementSystem (Spatial RDBMS) called PostGIS. This system willoperate in the background and be hidden for the regular users,but will be accessible to the power users willing to enhancethe tools.