par Lasudry, Jacques
Référence Journal français d'ophtalmologie, 26, 1, page (70-76)
Publication Publié, 2003-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The vast majority of palpebral tumors are benign and, when complete, straightforward excision is curative. In some cases, laser ablation can be appropriate. These tumors originate from the pilosebaceous adnexa of the skin and are mainly composed of cysts. For carcinomas, the extent of the tumoral expansion must be assessed on pathological examination of a specimen. In case of recurrence, the tumor may extend beyond the clinically visible borders. This is particularly true in the sclerodermiform type of basal cell carcinoma, which invades tissues deeply, in spindle cell carcinoma, which spreads within the thickness of the epidermis or the conjunctival epithelium, and in sebaceous gland carcinoma, which can present in a masquerade fashion.