Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Insulin action is thought to be mediated by an inositol‐, glucosamine‐ and galactose‐containing oligosaccharide liberated by phosphodiesterase hydrolysis of a glycosyl‐phosphatidylinositol. This oligosaccharide inhibits insulin biosynthesis and secretion in pancreatic islets. In the present study, two main glycolipids (peak I and II) were resolved by sequential TLC of lipids extracted from islet cells labelled with tritiated glucosamine, galactose or myristate. The two glycolipids displayed comparable sensitivity to β‐galactosidase but differed from one another by their sensitivity to phosphatidylinositol‐specific phospholipase C. Moreover, structural heterogeneity within each peak was suggested by their partial resistance to nitrous acid deamination. These findings support the presence in islet cells of glycolipids similar to those currently considered as a possible postreceptor target for insulin in other cell types. Copyright © 1991 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.