Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In perifused tumoral islet cells (RINm5F line), which were prelabelled with either [32P]orthophosphate, 86Rb+ or 45Ca2+, the administration of D-glucose (1.4, 2.8 or 16.7 mM) increased the efflux of 32P, decreased the outflow of 86Rb, increased slightly the efflux of 45Ca from cells perifused in the presence of Ca2+, and decreased modestly the outflow of 45Ca from cells perifused in the absence of Ca2+. D-glucose also stimulated the net uptake of 45Ca2+. When Ba2+ (2 mM) was used, in the absence of Ca2+, instead of D-glucose as an insulin secretagogue, the efflux of 32P was little affected, but the outflow of 45Ca was dramatically increased. These changes are qualitatively similar to those occurring in normal islet cells. Nevertheless, the ionic response to D-glucose appeared, as a rule, less marked in tumoral than normal islet cells. Moreover, the concentration-response relationship was shifted to a lower range of hexose concentrations in the RINm5F cells.