Résumé : High-resolution water vapor absorption spectra have been measured at room temperature in the 8800-11,600cm -1 spectral region. They were obtained using the mobile BRUKER IFS 120M Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) from ULB-SCQP coupled to the 50m base long multiple reflection White type cell in GSMA laboratory. The absorption path was 600m and different H 2O/HDO/D 2O mixtures were used. Measurements of line positions, intensities and self-broadening coefficients were performed for the HD 16O isotopologue. 6464 rovibrational assignment of the observed lines was made on the basis of global variational predictions and allowed the identification of new energy levels. 3ν 3, 2ν 1+ν 3, 3ν 1+ν 2, ν 1+2ν 3 and 2ν 2+2ν 3 are the five strongest bands. The present paper provides a complementary data set on water vapor for atmospheric and astrophysical applications. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.