par Bauler, Thomas ;Bonifazi, Alessandro ;Waktare, Marco
Editeur scientifique George, Claude ;Kirkpatrick, Christine
Référence Impact Assessment and sustainable development, European practice and experiences, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK
Publication Publié, 2006
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : Since September 2004, Belgium built the first steps towards institutionalizing at its federal level an evaluation scheme1 which aims to integrate evaluation patterns of a Regulatory Impact Assessment with the Belgian Sustainable Development (SD) agenda (Belgian Federal Government, 2004-a). While the very basic inter-departmental responsibilities attached to this resulting Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) have been clarified by the initial regulation, all other parts of this future SIA-scheme appear to be very loosely determined for the time being.The current paper will focus its attention on to presenting an ongoing (July 2004 – February 2006) research project which aims to explore whether and how such a SIA-scheme could be applied to the federal level of Belgian government. The paper will provide a description of the first steps of the research project. More specifically, it will address issues related to the supply and the demand sides of SIA. The supply side will be covered through an analysis of major points to take into account when designing such an assessment. Issues related to the demand side have been identified through face-to-face interviews which aimed at gaining knowledge of the understanding, dangers and opportunities, experiences and expertise, as well as institutional challenges perceived both by stakeholders and civil servants. The results of the interviews will be presented in the second part of the paper.