Résumé : The present study was undertaken to determine the actual amounts of mush consumed and energy iron and zinc intakes of, and to investigate the attendance rate among, children aged 623 months due to an improved mush intervention. A cohort of 208 children from 27 villages was followed up for 6 months. Twice a day, 6 days/week, each mother took her child to the nutrition centre we had opened in her village to receive the mush and fed it to her child. Amounts consumed were 15, 21 and 33 g/kg body weight/meal for children aged 68, 911 and 1223 months respectively. The average (standard deviation) attendance rate was 68.0% (25.6%). The median (range) daily intakes from the mush were 213 (25373) kcal, 5.3 (0.69.3) mg, and 2.3 (0.34.1) mg for energy, iron and zinc, respectively. This flour and mush production should enter the routines of individual households, supported by a large-scale programme of nutrition education. © 2009 Informa UK Ltd.