Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A recessively inherited, spontaneous mutation named Spinner-IBMM (SI) was identified in a transgenic mouse colony in our institute. SI mutant mice displayed hyperactivity, including a severe circling behavior, ataxia and inability to swim. Gene mapping revealed that the causative gene was located on a 35 Mb DNA fragment on chromosome 9. Candidate genes sequencing in this DNA fragment identified a new mutant allele in the Tmie gene. The identified mutant is characterized by a nucleotide deletion in exon 5, leading to a frameshift and a premature STOP codon. It has been reported that inactivating mutations in the mouse Tmie gene result in an identical phenotype, probably resulting from defects in the inner ear. However, the exact function of the Tmie protein in the ear and other organs is still unknown. The analysis of this new mouse mutant could contribute to a better understanding of Tmie functions in vivo in the ear and other organs.