Abstract de conférence
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  • Comparison between the effects of D-mannoheptulose, D-mannoheptose and D-sedoheptulose upon glucose-induced insulin release from rat isolated pancreatic islets
Auteur : Louchami, Karim ; Zhang, Y. ; Bulur, Nurdan ; Hupkens, Emeline ; Mavutukidi, Santos ; Malaisse, Willy ; Sener, Abdullah
Statut de publication : Publié, 2009
Sujet CREF : Sciences bio-médicales et agricoles
Informations sur la publication :
  • , Abstracts 2nd International Brussels Pancreatic Islet Symposium, Pancreatic islet research from fundamental to clinical aspects, (19.06.2009: Brussels (Belgium)), Comm. ibid., page 28
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