par Baudry, Stéphane ;Roux, Patrick
Référence Research quarterly for exercise and sport, 80, 2, page (146-152)
Publication Publié, 2009
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Ten adolescent judokas performed circuit training consisting of six 40-s periods ofjudo exercises separated by 40 s (CT1:1), 120 s (CT1:3), or 200 s (CT1:5) of rest. Heart rate, blood lactate concentration, and the number of repetitions were recorded. Heart rate reached approximately 180 beats x min(-1) at the end of work periods, with slightly lower values for CT1:5. Blood lactate concentration increased until the 6th and 5th work periods for CT1:1 and CT1:3, respectively, whereas the peak value was lower and achieved earlier for CT1:5. Conversely, the number of repetitions was greater during CT1:5. These results suggest that circuit training composed of judo exercises substantially affects aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms, with relative contributions depending on the rest duration.