par Aktas, Adil;Favart, Laurent ;Janssen, Xavier ;Marage, Pierre ; [et al.]
Référence European Physical Journal C. Particles and Fields, 46, 1, page (27-42)
Publication Publié, 2006
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The production of forward jets has been measured in deep inelastic ep collisions at HERA, The results are presented in terms of single differential cross sections as a function of the Bjorken scaling variable (XBJ) and as triple differential cross sections d 3σ/d xBjdQ 2dp 2dp 2 tj,et, where Q 2 is the four momentum transfer squared and p 2 t,jet the squared transverse momentum of the forward jet. Also cross sections for events with a di-jet system in addition to the forward jet are measured as a function of the rapidity separation between the forward jet and the two additional jets. The measurements are compared with next-to-leading order QCD calculations and with the predictions of various QCD-based models.