par De Vos, Wim;Verniers, Jacques;Herbosch, Alain ;Vanguestaine, Michel
Référence Geological magazine, 130, 5, page (605-611)
Publication Publié, 1993
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A new geological map, mostly subcrop, of the Brabant Massif is presented, based on a revised lithostratigraphy of the outcrop area and on recently acquired palaeontological and lithological data from boreholes in the concealed area. New interpretations of magnetic and gravity data are used to extend the lithostratigraphical units into areas with few or no boreholes. A structural model of the western, northern and southern parts of the Brabant Massif is presented. The main anticlinal axis plunges towards the west-northwest, its core comprising Upper Precambrian (?) to Lower Cambrian terrigenous rocks which outcrop in the southeast. To the north of the main axis, younger rocks appear in regular succession, but to the southwest this picture is complicated by the occurrence of a second anticlinal structure and by a subparallel magmatic arc. © 1993, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.