Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Nine microsatellite loci were mapped to rat Chromosome (Chr) 7 by genetic linkage and somatic cell hybrid analysis. These loci include the gene encoding a member of the IID sub-family of cytochrome P450 (Cyp2d), a gene with repetitive sequences expressed during myotube formation (D7Arb1e), four anonymous loci, D7Arb81, D7Arb208, D7Arb569, D7Arb609a, and three DNA loci defined by MapPair markers R245, R513, and R1071. The nine loci were all identified by PCR-based microsatellite polymorphism analysis and were characterized in 40 F2 intercross progeny of Fischer (F344/N) and Lewis (LEW/N) rats for segregation analysis. These markers formed a single linkage group spanning 76.8 cM with the following order and distances: D7Arb569-11.4 cM-D7Arb81-9.7 cM-R513-2.6 cM-Cyp2d-0.0 cM-R245-1.3 cM-D7Arb1e-10.4 cM-R1071-15.9 cM-D7Arb609a-15.4 cM-D7Arb208. Physical mapping of Cyp2d by somatic cell hybrid analysis allowed us to assign this linkage group to rat Chr 7. For each marker, two to six alleles were detected in a panel of 16 inbred rat strains (ACI/N, BN/SsN, BUF/N, DA/Bkl, F344/N, LER/N, LEW/N, LOU/MN, MNR/N, MR/N, SHR/N, SR/Jr, SS/Jr, WBB1/N, WBB2/N, WKY/N).