par KRIPPLER, Serge;Kittel, France
Référence Archives des maladies professionnelles et de l'environnement, 72, page (181-188)
Publication Publié, 2011
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Purpose. To study the prevalence of consumption of licit and illicit psychoactive substances among the employees aged 18–39 years in the private sector in the G.D. of Luxembourg as well as its relationship to high risk occupations and other potential risk factors from the field of work, particularly a stressful occupation. Methods. A self-administered questionnaire containing validated tools from the EMCDDA concerning street drugs, the AUDIT-C for alcohol use and the Siegrist Effort-Imbalance questionnaire on stress were distributed during the occupational medical check-ups during June and July 2008. Alcohol, cigarettes, amphetamines, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy, LSD and psychotropic drugs were investigated together with socio-demographic and professional factors. Results. Among the 1358 respondents (response rate 79.8%), 8.4% consume illicit substances, cannabis accounting for 8.2%. High-risk occupations are significantly related to illegal substance use, adjusting for other potential risk factors: OR = 1.61, IC 95%: 1.02–2.54. Age (young), gender (men), smoking and family situation (bachelor living alone) show the same relationship. No other risk factor from the field of occupation could be identified as being statistically related to consuming illicit or licit psychoactive substances. No effect was found for stress on illicit drug use while there was a significant one for alcohol and prescription drug use in bivariate analysis only.