par Kruse, Norbert
Référence Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, 270, page (75)
Publication Publié, s.d.
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This paper reviews the development of pulsed field desorption mass specrometry (PFDMS) towards a quantitative analytical 1001 for kinetic studies of elemental steps in surface chemical reactions. After a short introduction into the methodical approach with emphasis on time-resolved studies both in the presence and in the absence of an eleclric field. case studies are presented induding i) the thermital equilibration of nitric oxide adsorption on Pt(lll). (ii) the decomposition of methanol on Rh surfaces and (iii) the formation of Ni- carbonyls by reaction of carbon monoxide with Ni and other transition metals, It will be demonstrated that insight into relevant mechanisms is obtained by detection of reactive intermediates and that reliable kinetic data is accessible from measurements of characteristic relaxation times.