par Ruddick, Kevin;Park, Youngje;Astoreca, Rosa ;Borges, Alberto Vieira;Lacroix, Geneviève;Lancelot, Christiane ;Rousseau, Véronique
Référence 2nd MERIS/(A)ATSR Workshop(22nd to 26th September 2008: ESA/ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy), Proceedings of the 2nd MERIS/(A)ATSR Workshop, 22–26 September, H. Lacoste & L. Ouwehand
Publication Publié, 2008
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : Following validation activities and corresponding improvements in processing algorithms over the first few years of the MERIS mission, the algal1 and algal2 products are now considered as sufficiently mature for use in applications in Belgian waters. The utility of this product has been enhanced by the development of a number of multitemporal products including single point time series, multitemporal composites (monthly/3- monthly means) and annual products such as the mean and 90 percentile concentrations and the timing of the spring bloom. Marine management applications include: support for the assessment of eutrophication status in the context of the Oslo and Paris Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution (OSPAR), optimisation of seaborne monitoring, detection of harmful algal blooms and support for aquaculture. More generally, the MERIS data is used in support of marine science including the validation of ecosystem models and may be used in the future for the estimation of air-sea carbon fluxes. The current status of these applications is described together with an assessment of the remaining scientific challenges as well as the future possibilities.