par François, Guillaume
Editeur scientifique Madrale, Alexandre MA;Soufflard, Mélodie SM;Vercherand, Géraldine VG
Référence Neuvième atelier des doctorants en linguistique(17-18 octobre 2005: Paris 7 - Denis Diderot), Neuvième atelier des doctorants en linguistique, Université Paris 7, Paris, page (88-95)
Publication Publié, 2005-12-01
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The goal of this contribution is to see whether the quotation marks and the italics can be regarded as synonyms and so yes if the writers use indifferently one for the others. In order to know it, we propose the study of a recent corpus of press, as well as the specific analysis of the uses in some periodicals. We show as well as the two signs must be defined in language on a going continuum from the phenomena of reported speech to the antonymic modality. It however appeared that in no case they could be regarded as synonyms. By raison same of their form, our two signs behave differently. Therefore the quotation marks, framing punctual marks, mark the passage either to the word of the other, or to a different kind of word, whereas the italic, marks, added to the characters, mark or the alternation of the voices, or the use of unsuitable terms. But even in speech, where a sign could be used for the other, one sees clearly that the writers specify their own uses. This specification extends even to the various formal alternatives from the quotation marks of which the uses are specified either constrained by coherence within each textual space.