par Chauvet, Fabien ;Dehaeck, Sam ;Colinet, Pierre
Référence MULTIFLOW 2010(Nov. 8-10th, 2010: Bruxelles), Abstracts of the International Conference on Multiscale Complex Fluid Flows and Interfacial Phenomena
Publication Publié, 2010
Abstract de conférence
Résumé : We study experimentally the spontaneous patterns induced by evaporation of a pure liquid layer into dry air. The liquid/vapour interface temperature is lower than the substrate temperature because of the energy consumption for the phase change. This temperature difference across the liquid layer generates surface-tension-driven convection and/or buoyancy-driven convection in the liquid, depending on the layer thickness. During the evaporation process, the convective patterns are observed using an optical Schlieren set-up. Several liquids and dish diameters/heights have been tested. Different convective patterns are observed when the layer thickness decreases. Their phenomenology and transitions are analysed, in relation with existing theoretical models.