par Machrafi, Hatim;Rednikov, Alexei ;Colinet, Pierre ;Dauby, Pierre C.
Référence International Conference on Multiscale Complex Fluid Flows and Interfacial Phenomena (MULTIFLOW 2010) (8-10 novembre 2010: Bruxelles (Belgique))
Publication Non publié, 2010
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : This study treats an evaporating horizontal binary-liquid layer (aqueous solution of 10 % wt ethanol) in contact with air with an imposed transfer distance. Solutal and thermal Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni instabilities are taken into account together with the Soret effect. The critical times with corresponding liquid thicknesses are calculated, showing that a critical liquid thickness can be found under which no instability can occur.