par Dehaeck, Sam ;Van Beeck, Jeroen;Riethmuller, Michel M.L.
Référence Experiments in fluids, 39, 2, page (407-419)
Publication Publié, 2005-06-14
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A novel measuring technique for bubbly flows, named glare point velocimetry and sizing (GPVS), was developed in order to measure both bubble size and velocity with high accuracy in a 2D plane. This is accomplished by observing glare points in-focus under an observation angle of 96°. When a second laser-sheet is added, even higher accuracies are obtained and the relative refractive index of the bubble can be measured. It also allows non-spherical bubbles to be rejected and arbitrary angles to be used (e.g. 90°). The accuracy of the size and refractive index measurements was found to be within 1.3%.