Résumé : ATP dose-dependently inhibited rat 125I-ANP-(99-126) binding to membranes from the human neuroblastoma cell line NB-OK-1 by increasing the KD value for the hormone without altering the Bmax value. After a 20 min preincubation with 37.5 pM 125I-ANP-(99-126) and 0.5 mM ATP, followed by the addition of 0.3 μM unlabelled ANP-(99-126), the proportion of rapidly dissociating receptors was 4-times higher than in the absence of ATP. The other nucleotides ADP, AMP, AMP-PNP, ATPγS, GTP, GDP, GMP, GMP-PNP and GTPγS were also inhibitory but with a lower potency and/or efficacy. Binding equilibrium data were satisfactorily simulated by a computer program based on partially competitive binding of ANP-(99-126) and the nucleotides, and this, together with the data on dissociation kinetics, strongly suggests that several nucleotides, when added at concentrations up to 1 mM, form a ternary ANP-receptor-nucleotide complex. © 1991.