par Dethy, Sophie ;Laute, Marie-Aline;Damhaut, Philippe;Goldman, Serge
Référence Journal of neural transmission (Vienna, Austria : 1996), 106, 2, page (145-158)
Publication Publié, 1999
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We used intrastriatal microdialysis to study the effect of pergolide, a D1/D2 dopamine (DA) receptor agonist on biotransformation of exogenous L-DOPA in hemi-Parkinsonian rats. DA and metabolites were assayed by microbore liquid chromatography. Pergolide (50 micrograms/kg, i.p.) caused a 67% and 87% decrease in striatal EC levels of DA in intact and denervated striatum respectively. In intact striatum but not in denervated striatum, pergolide decreased EC levels of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) and homovanillic acid (HVA) (53% and 42% decrease, respectively). L-DOPA (100 mg/kg, i.p.) produced significant increase in EC levels of DA, DOPAC and HVA in intact and denervated striatum with and without local perfusion of 10(-4) M pergolide. In denervated striatum, L-DOPA-induced DA increase was significantly higher in rats with pergolide. Our results suggest that, in an animal model of Parkinson's disease, pergolide in association with L-DOPA favors the restoration of striatal EC DA levels.