Résumé : An implantable device (ADCON-L), which acts as a resorbable barrier to epidural fibrosis following lumbar discectomy, has been shown to minimize the formation of peridural fibrotic scar and to improve the post-operative outcome, in two large controlled and multi-center clinical trials. In this prospective study, 100 patients were treated with the device during their first-time lumbo-sacral discectomy surgeries and monitored for 12 months. During this time interval, four of these patients required re-operation. In these cases, epidural scar and ease of dissection were systematically evaluated and recorded. At the time of re-operation, in all four patients, absent or minimal soft scar tissue was found where ADCON-L had been placed, no adhesions to the involved root were observed, and the dissection was easier than expected; the healing of the surgical wound was excellent , and no residual implant material was found. These observations indicate that the use of ADCON-L at the time of the first lumbar disc surgery minimizes the hazards and difficulty that can be encountered in a subsequent revision surgery due to the presence of epidural fibrosis, and may therefore improve the chances of satisfactory outcome following re-operation.