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  • European Stories: Intellectual Debates on European Integration in National Contexts
Auteur:Lacroix, Justine; Nicolaïdis, Kalypso
Informations sur la publication:Oxford University Press
Statut de publication:Publié, 2010
Sujet CREF:Science politique générale
Note générale:Romanians see Europe as an ethical hazard; The French as La Grande France; The Germans as (still) their best bet at national atonement; the Spaniards as the key to their democracy and the Italians as the one to their unity; and so on. These may be but simplistic clichés as each national debate in Europe about Europe pits schools of thought against schools of thoughts, ideology against ideology, national trope against national trope. Nevertheless, they belong to distinctly different national debates about the XXIst century project that is the European Union (EU), its relationship to the respective nations’ history and the promises or threats it may hold for the national project today. This book is about the constellation of different “European stories” woven by these national debates and ultimately what their differences tell us about Europe itself.