par Van Haute, Emilie
Référence Partirep International Conference on Party Membership: “Party Membership in Europe: Exploration into the anthills of party politics” (30-31octobre 2008: Bruxelles)
Publication Non publié, 2008-10-30
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : The paper examines the discontented party members who perceive and define their party in negative terms. Based on Hirschman’s conception of “voice” and on May’s law of curvilinear disparity, the paper aims at testing the idea that the discontented would be more driven by ideological incentives, more active and more radical than their loyal counterparts, using party membership survey (2006). The results confirm the last hypothesis but not the first two. The discontented show a weaker socialisation in the party, are less active and less driven by ideological incentives. The implications of the findings are discussed at the end of the paper.