par Bellier-Castella, L.;Caprion, Didier ;Ryckaert, Jean-Paul
Référence The Journal of Chemical Physics, 121, page (4874-4883)
Publication Publié, 2004
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We present Monte Carlo simulations of diskotic molecules using the Gay-Berne potential in a slab geometry. The disk-wall interaction is described by two different functions according to whether or not the equilibrium distance is dependent on the relative orientation of the disk to the wall. Furthermore, by changing the parameters of these potentials, we model either homeotropic (face-on) or planar (edge-on) anchoring of the disks. We have found that the isotropic-nematic transition does not change in comparison with the bulk situation. The temperature of the nematic-columnar transition, on the contrary, is found to increase for homeotropic anchoring, and decrease for planar anchoring, independently of the details of the potential. We explain the decrease of the transition temperature in the planar anchoring situation as the result of an induced frustration, due to the competition between the two orientations induced independently by the upper and lower walls.