par Dubovsky, S. L.;Tiniakov, Petr ;Tkachev, I. I.
Référence Physical Review Letters, 85, page (1154-1157)
Publication Publié, 2000
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Observation of clustering of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays (UHECR) suggests that they are emitted by compact sources. Assuming small ( <3 degrees ) deflection of UHECR during the propagation, the statistical analysis of clustering allows an estimate of the spatial density of the sources h(*), including those not yet observed. When applied to astrophysical models involving extragalactic sources, the estimate based on 14 events with energy E>10(20) eV gives h(*) approximately 6x10(-3) Mpc(-3). With increasing statistics, this estimate may lead to exclusion of some models.