Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : With molecular dynamics we have studied the deposition of single Co atoms on Ag(001) as a function of the energy of deposition on the surface. Co atoms were deposited with an energy between 5 and 30 eV, typically used for low-energy ion deposition. As a consequence of the impact, Co atoms that arrive on the surface mainly end up in two positions: either the adatom site or the substitutional site in the first Ag surface layer. The configuration energy of both sites is independent of the impact position and the deposition energy, indicating that not only the adatom site but also the substitutional site is thermodynamically stable. For increasing deposition energy the fraction of Co atoms ending up in a substitutional site increases. When a Co particle ends up in a substitutional site, this is accompanied with the creation of at least one Ag adatom. Under our experimental conditions, the direction of impact can differ considerably from the surface normal. Therefore, we also studied the influence of the impact angle between (formula presented) and (formula presented) off normal. When the deposition angle increases, the fraction of substitutional Co atoms as well as the fraction of created Ag adatoms decrease. © 2002 The American Physical Society.