par Jacob, Clément ;Annibaletto, Julien ;Peng, Ju;Bai, Ruopeng;Maes, Bert U. W.;Lan, Yu;Evano, Gwilherm
Référence Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English, 63, e202403553
Publication Publié, 2024-04-29
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : An efficient and broadly applicable rhodium-catalyzed direct ortho-arylation of anilines with aryl iodides relying on readily available aminophosphines as traceless directing groups is reported. Its scope and functional group compatibility were both found to be quite broad as a large variety of both aminophosphines and (hetero)aryl iodides, including complex ones, could be utilized. The ortho-arylated anilines could be obtained in high average yields, without any competing diarylation and with full regioselectivity, which constitutes a major step forward compared to other processes. The reaction is moreover not limited to aryl iodides, as an aryl bromide and a triflate could be successfully used, and could be extended to diarylation. Mechanistic studies revealed the key and unique role of the aminophosphine, acting not only as a substrate but also as a ligand for the rhodium catalyst.