Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A holographic description of three-dimensional warped black holes suffers from ambiguities due to a seemingly harmless choice of coordinate system. This gives rise to the notion of ensembles in warped black holes, and we focus on two of them: the canonical and quadratic ensemble. Our aim is to quantify the imprint of these ensembles in the near-extremal limit of a warped black hole. To this end, for each ensemble, we explore the thermodynamic response and evaluate greybody factors. We also set-up a holographic dictionary in their near-AdS2 region, and decode aspects of the dual near-CFT1. This gives us different perspectives of the black hole that we can contrast and compare. On the one hand, we find perfect agreement between the near-extremal limit of the canonical ensemble warped black holes, their near-AdS2 effective analysis, and a warped conformal field theory description. On the other, we are led to rule out the quadratic ensemble due to inconsistencies at the quantum level with the near-AdS2 effective description.