par Peralta Gavensky, Lucila ;Usaj, Gonzalo ;Balseiro, C.A.
Référence Europhysics letters, 141, 3, 36001
Publication Publié, 2023-02-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Multi-terminal Josephson junctions were recently proposed as a versatile and tunable platform to emulate topological Bloch-like Hamiltonians in arbitrary dimensions. In this perspective article, we will give a brief overview of the subject and recognize these mesoscopic devices as realizations of topological flux networks as the ones envisioned by Avron and coworkers in their seminal works on the early days of the quantum Hall effect. We summarize the current state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental research regarding these Josephson devices, highlighting recent developments and giving an outlook on current trends.