Résumé : Prdm12 is a transcriptional regulator essential for the emergence of the somatic nociceptive lineage during sensory neurogenesis. The exact mechanisms by which Prdm12 promotes nociceptor development remain, however, poorly understood. Here, we report that the trigeminal and dorsal root ganglia hypoplasia induced by the loss of Prdm12 involves Bax-dependent apoptosis and that it is accompanied by the ectopic expression of the visceral sensory neuron determinants Phox2a and Phox2b, which is, however, not sufficient to impose a complete fate switch in surviving somatosensory neurons. Mechanistically, our data reveal that Prdm12 is required from somatosensory neural precursors to early post-mitotic differentiating nociceptive neurons to repress Phox2a/b and that its repressive function is context dependent. Together, these findings reveal that besides its essential role in nociceptor survival during development, Prdm12 also promotes nociceptor fate via an additional mechanism, by preventing precursors from engaging into an alternate Phox2 driven visceral neuronal type differentiation program.