par Nikis, Nicolas ;Livingstone Smith, Alexandre ;Ricquier, Birgit
Référence Society of Africanist Archaeologist 26th biennial meeting (1-6/06/2023: Rice University, Houston)
Publication Non publié, 2023-06-02
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : Over 4000 years, roulette decoration techniques spread from West Africa to the south, reaching the Great lakes as southernmost limit during the last millennium. In the Congo Basin, recent data allows refining both the chronology of the apparition of these tools in the region and the limit of their distribution, located around at the Equator line in the eastern part of the Congo Basin and near the Ubangi River in the Western part.What does this limit represent? An interrupted process? A sociocultural boundary? Are we facing sharp borders from the past or blurry limits? And finally, does it results from similar processes throughout the Congo Basin or from unrelated regional events? By comparing the data for roulette decoration with pottery shaping techniques distribution, linguistic data and other aspects of material culture such as metal exchange and use, we question the materiality of this boundary around the Ubangi and Tshopo region and its significance in the past.