par Vanhulle, Dorian
Editeur scientifique Delvaux, Luc ;Van Caelenberge, Elisabeth
Référence Expéditions d'Égypte, Ludion, Bruxelles, page (27-44)
Publication Publié, 2023-03-31
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : Expedition Egypt retraces the history of two centuries of fascinating archaeological discoveries in the land of the Pharaohs and the creation of the Egyptian collection of the Museum Art & History in Brussels. During the nineteenth century, there was a significant interest within Belgian diplomatic and industrial circles in the history of Egypt, which then held an important place in international politics and world economy. In the first decades of the twentieth century, the ambitious and flamboyant Egyptologist Jean Capart played an invaluable role in expanding the collection and developing scientific research. In fact, owing to Capart's numerous initiatives, Brussels was at one point considered the world capital of Egyptology. After some two hundred years of in-depth interest and investment in ancient Egypt, the Museum of Art & History manages an exceptionally rich Egyptian collection that ranks among the top museums in Europe. This book accompanies Expedition Egypt, an exhibition that will feature more than two hundred objects from the Museum of Art & History's renowned Egyptian collection. The eye-catchers will include the newly restored, richly decorated sarcophagi from the priestly cachet of Deir el-Bahari and the beautifully illustrated Neferrenpet Book of the Dead. Artifacts such as tomb stelae, canopic vases for the entrails of the deceased and shabti figurines that accompanied the dead into the afterlife, guide visitors into the Egyptian world of gods and eternal life. Lastly, the exhibition is also lavishly supplied with unique historical photographic material.