par Delattre, Alain
Editeur scientifique Holvoet, Serge;Veymiers, Richard
Référence Les écritures orientales, inventées, cryptées, détournées, oubliées, redécouvertes... Christian Cannuyer in honorem, Bruxelles - Ath - Lille, page (185-204)
Publication Publié, 2023
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : The contribution offers a synthesis of the various methods of cryptography used in Late Antique Egypt, mainly the permutation cipher αθβη, including its adaptations and developments, particularly in Coptic texts, but also other coding systems, based on numerals, letters (Caesar's cipher and its variants) or graphic distorsions of the letters of the alphabet. An unpublished Coptic otracon from the late Byzantine or early Islamic period is then presented, which combines two different ciphers in an original system.