par Schweicher, Guillaume
Référence UHMob International Conference - Organic Semiconductors: From Principles to Applications (2022-09: Mainz (Germany))
Publication Non publié, 2022-09-08
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : In spite of tremendous progress in molecular design, engineering and processing, only few small molecule organic semiconductors (OSCs) have reached charge carrier mobilities (µ) higher than 10 cm2/Vs, typically with single-crystal devices. However, µ is a material property and not a molecular one. It is thus of paramount importance to take supramolecular order into consideration at all length scales. As recently evidenced, the best OSCs tend to self-organize into large plate-like single-crystals exhibiting a layer-by-layer herringbone packing motif.1 Moreover, thermal lattice fluctuations cause temporal variations of transfer integrals (J) and impose a transient localization of charges leading to reduced macroscopic µ in these weakly bonded van der Waals solids.2 We will present recent progress achieved in our group in terms of molecular design and understanding of the impact of thermal energetic disorder: design by theory, crystal engineering, quantum-chemical calculations and evaluation of electrical performances in thin-film field-effect transistors.