Résumé : "From Keel to Truck" is a vast trilingual (English, French, German) dictionary that was highly successful in the late 19th century. In it, author Heinrich Paasch—building on a long tradition of marine dictionaries—develops an original terminographical method, heralding the theorising of this discipline in the 20th century. His book lends itself well to digitisation, and foreshadows the basics of terminological knowledge bases: a conceptual approach, reliance on semantic relationships, and a close attention to divergences between languages.The "From Keel to Truck" dictionary (Paasch 1901) is easy to convert to a Terminological Markup Language (TML) that adheres to the “concept – language – term” architecture promoted by the ISO 16 642 (2017) standard, Terminological Markup Framework (TMF). In order to demonstrate this, we encoded it using an original TML, as a Document Type Definition (DTD) that used the categories of ISO’s former server, IsoCat.