par Utsunomiya, Hiroaki;Hao, Zirui Z.R.;Goriely, Stéphane ;Cao, Xiguang X.G.;Fan, Gongtao;Wang, Hongwei
Référence Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, 1034, 166819
Publication Publié, 2022-07-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We propose two types of neutron-γ1−γ2 triple coincidence detectors (not constructed) to chase gamma transitions to produce p-nuclei following the neutron emission in the (γ,n) reaction. Neutrons are detected with 24 3He counters embedded in a polyethylene moderator in Type I detector and with 6 liquid scintillation detectors in Type II detector, respectively. γ rays are detected with two high-purity germanium detectors and four LaBr3(Ce) detectors. The detector which is referred to as p-process chaser detector is used to search for mediating states in 180Ta through which the isomeric and ground states in 180Ta are thermalized in the p-process. A search is made for both resonant states and unresolved states in high nuclear-level-density domain.