par Dobruszkes, Frédéric
Editeur scientifique Lin, Weiqiang;Fretigny, Jean-Baptiste
Référence Low-Cost Aviation, Society, Culture and Environment, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Ed. 1, page (19-34)
Publication Publié, 2022
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : This chapter highlights gaps in evidence-based knowledge related to low-cost airlines (LCCs). While LCCs have become commonplace in many areas, there is still a lot to investigate, considering the LCC business itself, its diversity, its impacts, and its specificity compared to traditional airlines. Topics include factors of business models; the feasibility of long-haul, low-cost operations; the complex crossed relationship between the attributes of LCC networks and places; ongoing changes in airport types served; traffic volatility issues; social, political, and economic matters; and adverse environmental impacts following induced traffic.