par Ioffe, Dennis
Editeur scientifique Lipovetsky, Mark
Référence The Oxford Handbook of Soviet Underground Culture, Oxford University Press, Vol. The Oxford Handbook of Soviet Underground Culture, The Oxford Handbook of Soviet Underground Culture
Publication Publié, 2022
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : This chapter offers an analytical overview of the historical situation of the late-Soviet experimental musical scene with special emphasis put on the conceptual sonoric avant-garde of both Moscow and Leningrad. It narrates the main clusters of influence that are usually mentioned in conjunction with discussions of non-conformist music of Soviet underground counterculture, moving from the Russian sonic avant-garde (Futurism and beyond), to Russian Conceptualism and, finally, erecting a potential bridge to the Russian Rock of Sergei Kuriokhin. The chapter discusses some of the major sonoric events related to the early history of Moscow Conceptualism, proceeding from the early days of the movement, when it was largely associated with the names of Ilia Kabakov and Andrei Monastyrsky, to later events that include radical musical sound performances led by Sergey Letov. The text also draws on related subjects, such as sound poetry, John Cage’s historical visit to St Petersburg where he met, among others, Sergey Kuriokhin, and pieces of music by the less known Russian semi-conceptualist composer Yuri Khanon.