par Fachada, Sarah ;Bonatto, Daniele ;Xie, Yupeng ;Rondao Alface, Patrice;Teratani, Mehrdad ;Lafruit, Gauthier
Référence IC3D(12: 08-dec-2021: Brussels), 2021 International Conference on 3D Immersion
Publication A Paraître, 2021-12-08
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : In the context of the development of MPEG-I standard for immersive video compression ISO/IEC 23090-12 (MIV), the need of handling scenes with non-Lambertian materials arose. This class of material is omnipresent in natural scenes, but violates all the assumptions on which depth image-based rendering (DIBR) is based. In this paper, we present a view-synthesizer designed to handle non-Lambertian objects with DIBR, replacing the classical depth maps by multi-coefficients non-Lambertian maps. We report the results of the exploration experiments on Future MIV designed to test this rendering method against the classical DIBR approaches, and demonstrate promising results on all the tested sequences.