Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We investigate the destabilization mechanisms of dissipative solitons in inhomogeneous nonlinear resonators subjected to injection and to time-delayed feedback. We consider the paradigmatic Lugiato-Lefever model describing inhomogeneous driven nonlinear optical resonator. We analyze the pinning-depinning transition of dissipative solitons by introducing a potential induced by the inhomogeneity. Further, we identify conditions under which these structures are destabilized and describe different bifurcation scenarios. We show that the combined influence of inhomogeneities and delayed feedback induces an Andronov-Hopf-bifurcation that leads to oscillations of the dissipative soliton around the inhomogeneity. Finally, we show that for large values of the feedback strength, the dissipative solitons escapes from the potential well and starts to drift.