Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This paper offers a general overview of the highly complicated topic of religious and mythological consciousness discussed in sub-species narrative critique and literary theory. It also provides a detailed context for the wide array of religious matters discussed in this special volume of "Religions". Also addressed are the uneasy ways in which Christian Orthodoxy has handled the various challenges posed by popular beliefand mythology. Most existing studies are somewhat dated, prompting a growing need for fresh scholarly approaches and reassessments concerning both officially sanctioned and heterodox religious practices. A basic aim, therefore, is to bring together archaic forms of religious spirituality, creative literature, folklore, philosophy and theology, a synthesis which, we hope, will illumine the ways in which mythologies and religious traditions inform ideas and artistic practices, past and present. One of the underlying and unifying elements here is myth. After all, religion begins and ends with myth, while the contemporary endurance of myth and the complex cultural theoretical suggestions associated with its cultural and literary usage remain entirely relevant and topical.