Résumé : This paper presents a current shaping method for torque ripple and mean air-gap radial forceshape harmonics reduction, under minimum Joule losses, used for air-born and structure-born vibration reduction in 3-phase PMSM electric drives. The main source for structure-born noise in electric powertrains is the torque ripple, while the main source for air-born noise are the radial air-gap forces. The proposed method uses a Fourier-decomposed LUT model obtained from updating the 2D electromagnetic FE model using test-bench results. Modal testing is used to update the structural model, and the vibration response on the machine full RPM range is determined using the vibration-synthesis method. The proposed current shaping algorithm is deterministic and can be used on any topology of 3-phase PMSMs. The torque and mean air-gap force harmonics that are intended for reduction can be arbitrary selected and their minimization can be fully completed if the maximum current and voltage constraint are respected. On the machine under test, vibration reduction is accomplished, especially for the mechanical orders that interact with the second mode-shape.