par Mabillard, Vincent
Editeur scientifique Zavattaro, Staci S. M.
Référence Public branding and marketing: A global viewpoint, Springer, Cham, page (63-78)
Publication Publié, 2021-07-23
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : Although emblematic cases such as Amsterdam, Berlin, or Lyon are often praised for their best practices and have been analyzed in several studies, the case of Europe’s administrative capital remains undercommented in the literature on place branding and attractiveness. This may be a surprise to scholars and practitioners alike given Brussels’ position in Europe and especially its proximity to institutional regulatory bodies and decision-makers. The purpose of this chapter aims precisely at filling this gap through a dialogue between a researcher and a key practitioner active in the Brussels Government Agency for Business Support. Several initiatives launched over the last few years indicate that formerly fragmented institutions are now working toward a more integrated approach to Brussels’ attractiveness. Regarding the visual identity of the region, a new multilayered logo was created in 2012, using a unique extension “.brussels” for all institutional stakeholders and partners. Regarding economic attractiveness specifically, the merger of former public organizations into a single body ( is expected to provide more clarity and more effective services to companies and investors. The example of Brussels shows that despite promoting a place through different channels and diverse actors, a rising awareness of the need to better coordinate the promotion of the place has led to increasingly collaborative networks and concerted actions around the globe.