Résumé : The COVID-19 response in Mauritius, which is viewed as a success story, benefited from strong leadership, highest political engagement, and strong involvement of the WHO, the private sector and other key stakeholders.Another key success factor lies in clear, transparent and consistent communication, including feedback mechanisms to understand public perception, the result of which is good adherence by the population.Public health measures (quarantine, contact tracing, case investigation and isolation of contacts, mass testing) have also contributed to the success of the country in the fight against COVID-19.The Mauritian success story can be inspiring for other countries, especially regarding the importance of adapting measures to evolving knowledge and developing a clear and consistent communication policy so as to buy the adherence of the population.However, contextual factors (an island has a limited number of entry points) have also facilitated the implementation and success of these measures.Not all countries can expect similar results by copy-pasting the Mauritian response strategy and should probably adopt a comprehensive policy acting on various factors to fight the pandemic.