Résumé : This paper analyses the widespread difference in Covid-19 vaccination and Non-Pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) acceptance by the European population and finds that this difference can be clustered in nine archetype clusters. Calibrating a SIR model with control acceptance on Covid-19 pandemics, it is also estimated that three anti-control segments (standing in aggregate for 15% of the population) may be contributing to the entire bulk of the endemism of the Covid-19. While poorly compliant segments have lower risk perception than others, tend to be younger, and less educated, or are more self-centric, trust with respect to media, governmental, and healthcare institutions are significantly shaping control acceptance by the population. In particular, the way to overturn a large set of vaccination “hesitant” (20% of the population), must pass by rebuilding much higher trust in how the current crisis is managed by the government and healthcare system