Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This article addresses transparency in the current era of digital co-creation between healthcare professionals andpatients. The concept of reasoned transparency is presented as a potential tool to guide the development of digital cocreation that is rapidly growing. The aim was to reflect on how doctors can apply transparency in their daily practice,following the shift from paternalistic to more collaborative relationships. On the one hand, our contribution indicatesways to take advantage of the existing digital tools to improve efficiency and increase patient trust, including the latesttrend of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, this article identifies pitfalls of digitization and proposes reasonedtransparency as remedy for the challenges rose by artificial intelligence. As a result, this perspective article tackles theissue of maintaining trustful and high-quality relationships between doctors and patients, increasingly challenged by thedissemination of online information and the pressures on healthcare professionals’ accountability towards patients andthe general public.