Actes de colloque
Résumé : This collection of fourteen original essays is devoted to Franz Brentano’s pathbreaking thoughts on language. Its main objectives are to reconstruct the latter, explore their dissemination in the Brentano School and the Brentanian tradition at large, and throw light on how they anticipated some important advances in the analytic philosophy of 20th and early 21st centuries. One of the chief things we do in this introductory chapter, besides clarifying those three objectives, is to spell out the basic assumption, arguably shared by Brentano and all the Brentanians, that a philosophical analysis of meaning is inseparable from considerations about what goes on in the mind and what there is in the world. What this means should become clear in the course of this introduction. The plan is as follows. Section 1 offers some preliminary thoughts about the ‘invisibility’ of Brentano’s philosophy of language in contemporary literature, while Sections 2¬–4 present the three aforementioned objectives in somewhat greater detail, thereby setting the framework for the rest of the book. Eventually, Section 5 gives a brief overview of the content of the chapters.