par Douéneau-Tabot, Gaëtan;Filiot, Emmanuel ;Gastin, Paul
Référence Leibniz international proceedings in informatics, 170, MFCS-2020-29
Publication Publié, 2020-08-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Deterministic two-way transducers define the class of regular functions from words to words. Alur and Cerný introduced an equivalent model of transducers with registers called copyless streaming string transducers. In this paper, we drop the “copyless” restriction on these machines and show that they are equivalent to two-way transducers enhanced with the ability to drop marks, named “marbles”, on the input. We relate the maximal number of marbles used with the amount of register copies performed by the streaming string transducer. Finally, we show that the class membership problems associated with these models are decidable. Our results can be interpreted in terms of program optimization for simple recursive and iterative programs.